Fulbright Public Policy Fellowship

About the Fulbright Public Policy Fellowship

The Fulbright Public Policy Fellowship offers opportunities for U.S. citizens to serve in a foreign government ministry or institution in partner governments around the world. Fulbright Public Policy Fellows gain experience in the public sector while contributing to cross-cultural understanding. There is also an independent academic study or research component to the fellowship.

The goals of the program are “to build the Fellows’ knowledge and skills, provide support to partner country institutions, and promote long-term ties between the U.S. and the partner country.” Current participating countries include Burma, Cote D’Ivoire, Peru, and Ukraine.

Location of award, if applicable: Foreign government ministry

Eligible applicants:

– must be a U.S. citizen
– have a Master’s level degree (MA, JD, MBA, MPA, MPH, MSW, MSc, or other) related to public policy prior to starting the fellowship OR hold a doctoral degree and have three to five years of public policy relevant experience as a professional/practitioner outside of the classroom. Candidates enrolled in a PhD are eligible as long as they have a MA degree AND three to five years of experience. Candidates who have gone directly from undergraduate to PhD and have completed the PhD, but do not have any work experience are not eligible.
– have at least 3-5 of full-time, professional work experience in a public policy-related field
– knowledgeable about the host country’s history and culture, and proficient in its language (proficiency requirements depend on the host country)

University endorsement required?


Citizenship requirement:

Must be U.S. citizen

The Fulbright Public Policy Fellowship application process:

Review the scholarship website for information about the scholarship requirements, eligibility and application process.

Discuss with CFSA and your mentor(s) your plans to apply for the fellowship.

Application components include:
– online application
– 3-5 page project statement overviewing which country you are interested in, what experiences and skills you bring to the fellowship, and what research project you propose to do
– CV / resume
– 1 page research project bibliography

Application opens in February, with the deadline falling in mid September.

Interested? Contact CFSA for information on how to get started!

Advising contact:

Jolynn Parker  Email:  jmpark02@syr.edu More Information:  https://www.cies.org/program/fulbright-public-policy-fellowship

Enter any terms you are interested, such as “Government” or “Biotechnology”,