Marshall Scholarship

Marshall Scholarship

About the Marshall Scholarship

Marshall Scholarships support two years of graduate study in any discipline at any British university as a means of enabling intellectually distinguished young Americans to obtain a British university degree. Marshall Scholars will enhance the advancement of science, technology, the humanities, and/or social sciences at academic institutions in the UK while gaining a deep personal, professional, and intellectual appreciation of British culture. As the Marshall Scholarship program was founded by a 1953 Act of Parliament to commemorate the post-war Marshall Plan and “express the continuing gratitude of the British people to their American counterparts,” the program seeks Scholars who will act as ambassadors from the US to the UK throughout their lives.

Location of award, if applicable: UK

Eligible applicants:

University endorsement required?


Citizenship requirement:

Must be U.S. citizen

The Marshall Scholarship application process:

Review the Marshall Scholarship website for information on the application process and eligibility.

Discuss with CFSA, your mentor(s), and potential recommenders about your plans to apply for the scholarship.
Research graduate programs in the UK that are good fit for your academic background and career goals. Note that the selection criteria are divided into three equally weighted categories: academic merit, leadership potential, and ambassadorial potential.

The application opens online in May.

The Marshall application process includes an institutional endorsement. Prospective applicants should submit an “intent to apply” form to CFSA by June 30th. Once they are nominated, applicants should create an account on the scholarship website and start working on their application. Nominated applicants are expected to work closely with CFSA in preparing their applications.

Application components include:
– the completed application form
– transcript(s)
– recommendation letters
– an institutional endorsement letter

The application deadline is in early October. CFSA submits all SU applications to Marshall.

Interested? Contact CFSA for more information on the internal endorsement process and how to get started!

Advising contact:

Jolynn Parker  Email: More Information:

Enter any terms you are interested, such as “Government” or “Biotechnology”,