ThinkSwiss Scholarships and Travel Grants

ThinkSwiss Scholarships and Travel Grants

About the ThinkSwiss Scholarships and Travel Grants

ThinkSwiss scholarships and travel grants support highly motivated and qualified U.S. and Canadian undergraduate and graduate students to get a research experience or to participate in a summer school course in Switzerland.

The ThinkSwiss Research Scholarship provides a monthly scholarship of CHF 1,600 (approx. USD 1,650) for a period of 2 to 3 months (CHF 4,800 maximum), which covers the majority of the average student’s living costs. The scholarship is open to students of all fields.

The ThinkSwiss Summer School Travel Grants program offers travel grants to U.S. and Canadian participants of several Swiss summer schools. The participants will benefit from hands-on research, training and exposure to cutting-edge issues within a professional research community.

Location of award, if applicable: Switzerland

Eligible applicants:

University endorsement required?


Citizenship requirement:

No citizenship requirement

The ThinkSwiss Scholarships and Travel Grants application process:

Review the scholarship website for information on scholarship requirements and eligibility, and to determine whether it is a good fit for your career and academic goals.

Application components for the Research Scholarship include:
– an introductory page (including name, university in which you are enrolled, dates and length of stay, email address, and name of host university in Switzerland)
– a research project outline
– a 2 page CV
– current transcript(s) and diplomas
– professional references
– letters of recommendation
– letter of acceptance from the professor in Switzerland

Application components for the Summer School Travel Grants vary by program–apply directly to the individual summer school program.

Applications are due mid-January.

Interested? Contact CFSA for information on how to get started!

Advising contact:

Center for Fellowship & Scholarship Advising  Email: More Information:

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